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Anti-Aging & Revival

"Inner Matress Reactivating Toner"


Antioxidants & Regen


Activation of skin function , Antioxidant

Main ingredient:

Kefir , number of soft petals , keimforce tm , herbal composition


  • Kefir has the longest history of fermented milk, unlike common fermented milk, lactic acid bacteria and yeast are symbiotic. Cloveromyces yeast, M. bovis, and Lukonost lactobacillus provide excellent nutrients and vitality to the skin, helping to solve various problems caused by the loss of function.
  • 1. Sulfation effect by activation of skin function
  • 2. Helps to heal damaged skin from inside and outside
  • 3. Kefir fermented milk gives skin shine and elasticity
  • 4. Immediately moisturizes dry and tired skin
  • How to use:
  • Basic Toner -> Core Serum -> Serum Cream or Fluid Cream