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Anti-Aging & Revival

"Monochipcell™ Green Tea"


External Anti-aging , improve skin barrier , nutrition

Main Effect:

Anti-aging , Resistance , Nutrition


Catechin (EGCG), a representative bioactive substance of green tea leaves, is a type of polyphenol that enhances the skin's resistance to external anti-aging and other harmful substances that make skin sensitive. In addition, our own Tetrapeptide-51 ™ is an essential skin care that protects your skin against heat from strong heat (40º and above) and UV rays.

  • 1. Protects skin from external effects such as photo aging, thermal aging
  • 2. Enhance self-healing ability and stabilize skin balance
  • 3. Protect skin from inside and outside and strengthen resistance
  • 4. Abundant nutrients give the skin a lively life