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Turm 5

Whitening , Anti-wrinkle , Ph control

Our own in house formula called Naflex 5 is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers, which improves the skin complexion and anti-aging by the action of skin cleansing. Sonimedi’s Ultrasonic Far Infrared Extract technology is an innovative method that can extract the active ingredients in natural plants and materials without any damaging. Moreover Turm 9 contains six multivitamins that improves skin tone.Vitamin B5 is for a healthy and durable skin; Vitamin C is for a clear, whitening, Vitamin E is for improving skin; Vitamin B6 is for improving bundled skin;Vitamin B3 is for moisturizing;

Vitamin B7 is for reducing skin troubles.

  • Use direction:
  • In the morning, pump it twice and tap lightly on the entire face, and then applying sunscreen. In the evening, apply it on the face thoroughly after cleansing and finish with a moist cream.