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Wrinkle & Elastic

"Ovaco Perfectionist Spicule Cream"

Category: Wrinkle & Elastic

Rx: Skin Energy | Wrinkle | Resilience

Main Ingredients: Chlorella | Wrinkle Solution | Squalane

Volume: 30 ML



  • Micro needle technology will help realize the development of new and improved devices, which are smaller, cheaper, pain-free, and more convenient with a wide range of biomedical and other applications. Exceedingly small microneedles could provide highly targeted to individual cells. microneedles may provide a powerful new approach to transdermal drug delivery and represent a promising technology to deliver therapeutic compounds into the skin for a range of possible applications. Ovaco Perfectionist Spicule cream is dedicated to wrinkle care for those who want to rapid result, face lifting and firming. Ovaco Spicule Cream main ingredients are consisting with Sodium DNA multiple peptides such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 stimulates keratinocyte cell growth and led to thicker and firmer skin, Copper Tripeptide-1 which is promotes regular collagen, elastin, proteoglycan, and provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses used as anti-wrinkle, after sun, skin renewal, skin moisturizer, hair growth stimulating process. Sh-oligopeptide-1 is the human Epidermal Growth Factor indicated on colon bacillus produced by bio engineering technology. It is composed of 53 amino acids with a molecular width of 6,200 Dalton. EGF is one of the important growth factors in human body. It can accelerate the growth of the epidermal cells, cellular nervosa, and epithelial cells on tissues of organs. EGF is an important ingredient of cosmetics for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging purposes.


  • 1. Anti-wrinkle
  • 2. Anti-aging
  • 3. Firming
  • 4. Microneedle Drug Delivery System
  • 5. Firmer skin


    Basic Toner → Core Serum → Supply Cream

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