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[Abies koreana+Rhododedron]

Herbal Healing Zone X2 Mist mitigates sharply sensitive skin by in-and-outside stimulation. The Abis Korean and Rhododendron, main ingredient of Naflex™2 have great effect to eradicate harmful substances. It helps for skin to normalize fast by stabilizing unstable skin balance. Also Improving rough skin and supplying moisture make moist and smooth skin all day.


[Chrysanthemum Extract]

Herbal Healing Zone X5 Balm is the skin care product which protect skin from sensitive problems. The chrysanthemum extract, main ingredients of Naflex™5 not only works on recovering damaged skin as fast as possible but also mitigates hypersensitive skin safety and quickly. Also it relaxes stimulation from in-and-outside and support to making more powerful skin protection.


[11 Oriental Medicine Complextion EX]

Herbal Healing zone x7 Lotion mitigates stimulation from in-and-outside and reinforces skin protection from toxic substance by itself . Licorice, Lonicer a flower, Korean angelica root, Poria cocos, Angelica root, White atractylis, Forsythia fruit, Ginseng , Milk vetch root, Peony, and dried orange peel, 11 Herbal medicine composition, main ingredient of Naflex™7 assist skin vitalization to supply nutrition for weak skin. It helps skin from rough to smooth.


[Great burnet root+Loin`s mane mushrom]

The Herbal Healing Zone X12 Cleanser helps provide instant relief while gently cleansing sensitive skin with our Naflex™12 complex. Formulated with soothing great burnet root and protective lion`s mane mushroom extracts, the Herbal Healing Zone Cleanser helps to relax irritated skin. Skin fells clean, calm, and comfortable.