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OVACO 4D Dynamic Benefit

SPA & Esthetic Professional Program

Ovaco 4D dynamic is becoming one of the famous programs in spa and hotel of South Korea to make facial lifting efficacy. Now reborn available simple home care version to all women.

STEP 1 : Structure

Rx. [Skin volume up]

Main ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid Polymer Reconstruct skin tone through natural moisturizing factor hyaluronic and other must elements to recover in deep level of skin which lacking of moisturize.

STEP 2 : Circulation

Rx. [Metabolic Activation]

Main ingredient: Vitamin C Oil Helps the micro-vascular circulation to provide oxygen and nutrition Improves skin tone & smoothness

STEP 3 : Reinforce

Rx. [Skin turnover]

Main ingredient: Stem cell growth factor / multi-peptide Shiny and glowing skin within 28 days skin turnover process Also, stabilizing sensitive skin to normal and firm.

STEP 4 : Management

Rx. [provide oxygen and nutrition]

Main ingredient: Organic Minerals / Multi Peptides / Herbal Improve skin energy function to keep its healthiness even though time goes by.